A Little Patch of Blue: A Glimpse

“Is it around 6 AM now?”

“It’s hard to say. This place seems to be out of time itself.”

“I know that. This city is a lot like a parallel to Brigadoon. It only reveals itself to outsiders every once a year; always around the time of an Indian Summer.”


“Heh, I should have expected that you two have no idea what that city is. According to legend, the residents had a covenant with God. No one that awakens from the city may ever leave, or creed would be broken and everything in the city would disappear into the mist; never to be seen again.”

An image of a young woman traveling by covered wagon was talking to two Mahoreopmec style weapons were floating around in Evangeline’s dream world. The young angel could barely make out the voice’s face nor what the traveler was wearing. The only thing that really was in focus was the head of a man wearing a war bonnet on her motorbike. It was a rather curious article. Evangeline was tempted to call out to the Sage but something distracted her.

Benjamin knocked at her door.

Little did the child know, this traveler would be an important change for both Benjamin and herself before the week was through…

Just then there was a light tap on her door, then she heard a gentle voice on the other side. It was her best friend Benjamin. Slowly rubbing her eyes, the young angel opened her door every so slightly. As soon as Benjamin could got a full view of the span that Evangeline called home, he was astonished to see a large painting done by Valarie. It was much more impressive than the one down in the dining hall of the Inn.

It was full of intense earth tone colors, bright shades of tans, browns, sienna, khakis, and reds. From what he could make out, it was of the city, seen from above. It was almost as if Val had flown over the city to show just how tranquil it really is.

“Why, hello Mr. Benjamin!” The little angel then run out and hugged her friend. “Ree! What did you want? I’m all wings and ears.” She then scratched her forehead, “Is that how that phrase goes? Ooops, I’m all eyes and ears. Well, I guess that they would be at attention as well.” Evangeline’s wings seemed to flap in understanding. She then stared at Benjamin, awaiting what he would say next. However, at the back of her mind, Evangeline was more curious about who the traveler with the Mahoreopmec weapons was.

The traveler continued on her way through the city, the chadar that cover her body, made her look more like a wandering gypsy than it did as a trader.

“Elizabeth, why do you wear that silly shawl?”

“It is the custom of this land that Au├čenstehende, not reveal what they look like.”

“It seems rather pointless, they will know that you are a human, no matter what.”

“Well, Mukwa, we are not to question the customs of these people. We are only staying here for less than three days. It is not like we will encounter much here. Besides, you always bring up the same issues every time we come here.”

“Elizabeth, why is it that you come here?”

“Mukwa, do not insult the honor of our handler. If we are to maintain balance, we must respect her ideals. For without Elizabeth, we would be nothing more than handsome paperweights, to be left hanging on the walls of a home.”

“Jacobin, it is okay. I’m used to his questions, it proves that he is interested in where we are going.”

“Then enlighten me, Elizabeth.”

“Mukwa, it’s hard to say why, but I feel like this place feels like the last innocent place on Earth. It is like a home away from home…”

“I understand what Miss Eliza means, dear Mukwa. This place has the smell of our old homeland. It is almost like there is a gentle presence here calling to us.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be surprised Jacobin. They say that one of the former queens of our people lives here.”

With that the Sage into the center of the town…

Meanwhile, Geneva could tell that the knight was embarrassed that his queen had asked him to share a bed. Back in their childhood, Geneva knew that Zach had always joked with his fellow soldiers that he would one day share the same room as Geneva. Well, he was here now, so he could get all of his bragging rights. Geneva rolled her eyes at the very thought of Zach, in his more youthful days.

It was a well known fact that he always had a deep respect, one could almost say a brotherly bond with Geneva. All of her siblings had died in the long forgotten wars and he was the son of a general. Such are in the classic stories of romance, they formed a friendship that would last all time. However, when the wars were brought close to home, the queen had enough. She simply faded away to this little town, leaving everything behind. Even her friendship with Zach. Last she heard, the wars ended a few weeks after her departure.

“What does the past mean to those that can no longer or choose not to remember it?”

The former queen kept her back to Zach, knowing that he was probably a big nervous wreck. She then turned to face her old guard, his face was nearly pink, which nearly made Geneva giggle. With the way that things were currently going, she would have to make the first move.

“Well, I must admit. This is rather unorthodox. For the both of us. Then again, I can always go to Evangeline’s spare bed. I am not overly big for it. Just let me know, I have no issue with it. I really don’t mind it.”

Then, if maybe then, the crossed destinies between these two would start to make more sense than every before…


Project Lacuna Update

So I can help spread the word of Beast's Lair's Visual Novel project to the rest of the intertoobs here are some examples of game sprites drawn by Neko Rin and colored in by Creative. Background was done by myself and the original photograph was as well. So here's our resident pretty boy villain, Daitaro.


A Little Patch of Blue

Okay, so I shall post some of my baby ideas for this upcoming comic. After roaming around Lake Park dressed as a Russian Partisan (Don't ask why) and scaring a few bird watchers I have my assorted photographs for the comic. She'll be a hybrid of photos and drawings, since I'm in the mood to do some mixed media.

I'm going to post URLs of the first two pages since they are of a large size, made to fit the average size of a mango (For non-intertoobers, aka manga) comics from Japan.

Page One. Take of the sudden color changes. This'll show up fairly often.

Page Two. I changed the panels to a grey green color. I liked the weathered looks of this court yard over by the Alumni House because it kind of looks like ruins.

No worries, you'll meet the main characters on page 3, I just like starting things off with first person because it helps set mood.

As for origins of this plot, it is based on this.


Daiki: Yokai Taijiya

So here I am once again writing about a comic in the works, and for those of you that have been following me before I started with my college class you'll actually see me doing work for once. Scary, I know.

What is Daiki: Yokai Taijiya?

The concept is very simple, indeed. It start it's life over on Iwaku as a means of wasting time with a friend that I run RPs with. Now roughly two weeks later, it is a concept I'm going to stick with for a while. The storyline is still in the works but it can be accessed here. I am not going to say it is a very original idea but let's face it the concept of demon slayers is a popular one, through in some Greek and Japanese mythology and you'll get somewhere I hope.

For the comic, I want to establish a "gothic" or "grim" kind of feeling since the plotline itself is a mix of humor and general Tim Burton level creepiness.

Here is the first page for the assignment. The background is a part of Old Main near the VA Center. I messed around with lighting and graphic design to make it look more ominous than it is in real life. Next, I stressed the fact the world of Daiki looks like someone twisted parts of it, which can be seen in this sample.

More to come, soon.


Rory and Fel's Perfect Cherry

"The time has come, my friends, to put something that is the lulzie kind of srs business comic. Mayhap we flop - obviously Tuxedo Mask is a tough foe - but we've got something to give, and we're giving it.

I'm thinking if I can get a hold of RORY and get a dialogue mocked up, we should have episode one within the next few weeks.

Also, I know this thread is premature, but I feel you needed to know that I'm finally committing to something!"-Fel

For those of you unfortunate to remember Perfect Cherry from 2007-8, it is being brought back from the graveyard of plotlands. This time around, there'll be a plot and stuff.

The basic concept was formed from my dislike of a certain animu series called Strawberry Panic. If you have never seen the show, all my rants can be accessed here. (If you are easily offended, you may wish to opt out) To make a long story short, I grew to dislike the series after awhile. So I decided to make fun of it using my own brand of eccentricities. Sadly, I only got around to making 5 comics since I had switched my attention Evangeline.

So plotline you ask? Well,you'll just have to wait and see. :D

Original comics can be accessed here.

Perfect Cherry Homepage


Racunajte Na Nas

Yeah, I like Eastern European/Balkans music.

If you're not familiar with the Balkans, here's a fun experiment that'll give you a quick education. Go to YouTube, and find any video from the region (Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc). Scroll down to the comments and lay witness to the terrifying spectacle of violent, unrestrained trolling/butthurt that is the Balkans.

This one is a remake of a classic pro-Tito song from a Croatian in the 1980s following shortly after the dictator's death in 1980. Roughly translated, it's something along the lines of telling the youth to uphold the ideals of nation unity.